Post pictures of your COCO CABAS here!

  1. Here is my new BABY CABAS in Black leather!LOVES IT!..1795 plus tax(1900ish)from NM.

  2. I got the baby Cabas in Navy today. I canNOT get the color to come through accurately, though. :shrugs: In the last photo, I am wearing a black shirt, if that gives you some indication. It is a great bag. This is my first caviar bag, and I like it! The first photo makes it look too midnight blue-ish, and the last photo makes it look too black! It is a very nice, navy color irl.
    NavyCabas 1.JPG Inside Cabas 1.JPG Inside cabas 2.JPG NavyCabas Tag.JPG Wearing cabas 1.JPG
  3. This is a sucky pic but I wore my XL Vinyl one last night for the first time, just so you guys can get an idea of how huge it is...I'm 5'9..will post diff ones as i wear it more!! :smile:
  4. TEAL BABY CABAS 1795-
  5. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    IMG_1806.JPG IMG_1807.JPG
  6. Khaki baby cabas 1795. Style # A33986

    chanel 117.jpg
    chanel 119.jpg
    chanel 123.jpg
    chanel 122.jpg
    chanel 118.jpg
  7. My black baby cabas from Chanel at Ala Moana, retail price $1845.
    babycabas1.jpg bc1.JPG
  8. The new bag love of my life :heart: Original Coco Cabas in White

  9. teal baby cabas (called dk blue on the tag, don't ask me why) retail $1795. this is the best representation of the color that I've seen.

  10. [​IMG]



    Cruise 2007 Coco Cabas in gold from Neiman Marcus. $1275
  11. here's my baby cabas in black

    Chanel Coco Cabas 1.JPG

    Chanel Coco Cabas 3.JPG
  12. My White Coco Cabas
  13. original CoCo Cabas $1,650.00
  14. White baby coco cabas, $1795.
    cabas.jpg cabaswearing.jpg cabaswearing2.jpg
  15. Black Patent Vinyl in Large size :supacool:
    ...and me (5.5)
    Chanel Cabas.jpg Chanel Cabas 1.jpg Chanel Cabas 2.jpg Chanel Cabas 3.jpg