Post Pics of your Pet that make you LOL!!!

shaurin Posted By shaurin Posted May 7, 2008

  2. These are crazy insane pics. I wish I had a camera that could take pics like this.
  3. They really are. I can't ever imagine owning just one dog after these two. They love each other so much and can't stand to be apart. Not to mention that they wear each other out, which is so nice when they were puppies.
  4. Just try to take my dog's cookies away from him, he'll show his teeth! He kinda looks like he's smiling though

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  5. Lol! This is so cute!!
  6. hilarious!!! that's a cheeky smile.
  7. Puss ate too much at dinner....!!! Hilarious!

  8. LOL! That is too funny! :biggrin:
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  11. This is Vivaldi. He's even less intelligent than he looks... :lol:

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  12. Vivaldi! LOL!
  13. that's so adorable!!
  14. Aww.what a cutie..and Vivaldi is such a cute and unique name for a cat...i love it!