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Beach Bum Posted By Beach Bum Posted Oct 4, 2006

  1. "Max" Softy Satchel
    a gift from my awesome boyfriend
    bought at Saks in Troy, MI October 06
  2. I cant remember the names of my bags.... I know the black one that i bought recently is called the teri turnlock bag.. ITS SUPER CUTE
  3. here the pictures arent working
  4. here is the reversilbe strap one
  5. here is my last one.
  7. Marc by Marc Jacobs "Lunchbox" in Red patent leather:

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  8. my little BETTY! I luv her!]
  9. White shoulder wham
    resort '07 - purchased Nov.06

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  10. Black flower-etched bowler
    resort '07 - purchased Nov.'06

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  11. Wrong price!! Correct price is $228, sorry :shame: oh and the official name is "Violet Small Handy Zip" :yes:
  12. not sure if i should put this here or in the accessories section but...
    Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Beth' Wallet; Color: Ocean; Bought Dec. 05; I think retail was $118. i had the matching bag but sold it, which looked just like the one a few posts up ^^.
  13. DSCN1388.jpg totally turnlock tina in moss. $428, dec 06
  14. Marc by Marc Jacobs bag
    Name: Wham
    Season: Fall 2006
    Can't remember its price :p