Post Links to New LV Youtube videos here!

  1. It does a little I have the tivoli pm too. It was just too small though for me
  2. Oh yeah i totally get it. I love my tivoli:smile: im a shoulder bag girl during the day and a handbag women by night LOL;) great video i just subscribed to your channel :smile:
  3. Hi Ladies, I too love LV anything on YT! Thanks for the links ;)
    I am not the best at YT videos, but i do have two videos on my LVs... Tivoli & Siracusa...
    More to come...
  4. Great idea having a master thread on YT LV videos! Here's my latest one

  5. Yes please do more. Your videos are fun to watch :smile:
  6. Love!
  7. +1 :smile:
  8. I've seen some of your videos. You do a great job and have such a nice personality. Watching you is like listening to an old friend. :smile:
  9. I also have alot of LV videos as well as Chanel, balenciaga, goyard, etc
    My channel is in my signature:smile:
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  11. I couldn't find them could you post a link to one? Thank you :smile: