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Please Post Your April/ May Purchases Here <3

KaseyHK Posted By KaseyHK Posted Apr 1, 2013

  1. as subject :cool:
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  3. Aw so cute! That Daddy is huge in comparison!
  4. Thanks again for the heads up! Yes it is huge!!!
  5. No problem. I hope you enjoy it. They are beautiful. Loving the hardware on the Mac Daddy.
  6. Love the gold too!
  7. well done and yes get the mini to make a happy family - Daddy, Mommy & Baby :biggrin:
  8. Thanks! I hope I get one soon!:smile:
  9. My two "new to me" RM MAMs! :biggrin: Not the best pics, because my "better" camera is off being repaired... but two rose gold lovelies!




    And because I'm more of a video gal than photo gal anyways (mainly in the LV or Bal areas - but recently was bitten by the RM bug again):

  10. Oh my freaking god, just when I thought I would stop it with the RM madness and concentrate on saving up for more Balenciagas, LVs, and Mulberries, I end up with like, FOUR new RMs!! Two came today, the other two on their way.....siiiiggghhhhhh...what's wrong with me???!!!!!

    View attachment ImageUploadedByPurseForum1364950281.673690.jpg

    Parker clutch in red (think snake leather or something like that) and Miss Brynn in eggplant, looovveeeeee her!!
  11. This week I ordered 2 new items for spring & summer, a wallet and a bag. Wallet should be here tomorrow and hopefully the bag will be here by Saturday. So excited!


  12. Both of your purses are beautiful.
  13. Sooo cute!! I love the wallet!

    Thank you! :smile:
  14. great bags! congrats!

    your Brynn briefcase is elegant ;)

    your wallet is cute! is it coated canvas?

  15. Nice!!!