Please help me decide...

Nina1612 Posted By Nina1612 Posted Aug 13, 2012

  1. Both are stunning and personally I would prefer the olive croc. I prefer fun colors and IMO white is just too hard to maintain, but thats my own opinion. You wont go wrong with either one, so just go with your heart, :smile:
  2. I prefer the ivory/white, but as gwentan noted, that color would be hard to maintain. As such, I also vote for the olive. That color will work with a lot of colors as well.

    Best of luck!
  3. I like the white one better, but as everyone says, it's too hard to maintain. So I pick olive, it's still beautiful too:smile:
  4. I prefer the white one. Maybe it's the lighting, but the color of the olive reminds me of puke.
  5. Get the grey. Stamped croc in khaki is just too close to a crocodile. :sick:
  6. White, what a beauty!
  7. My vote is for white !
  8. The ivory / white croc gets my vote such a nice color
  9. Another vote for the white!
  10. White!
  11. both are gorgeous, I do like the white better but for practicality I prefer the green
  12. hmm, I'm contemplating the same thing! Does the picture show the actual colour well? I've only seen the khaki nubuck on the phantom cabas, and the colour looked darker and deeper than it looks here. and I assume the other one is the grey nubuck? both are equally beautiful, do you have mod pics, maybe that would help! :p
  13. The lighter one! Sooo beautiful!
  14. another vote for the lighter one. it's really beautiful! let us know what you decide :tup: