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Please help Identify this Handbag!

gti Posted By gti Posted Oct 12, 2010

  1. The second one wants to be a Goyard Saint Louis, but in my opinion it is fake. This brand is a level higher than the LV, I doubt that it could thus sell. In case it's original the price I estimate around 2.000 - 2.500 €.
  2. Im pretty sure these are fake I'm afraid so theyre worth approx zilch? That Loewe is certainly off.
  3. It is Alexander Wang, and it's the Eugene Satchel. Saks has it for $795. :smile:
  4. Thank you Kashara :smile:
  5. I'm new at this and I would really appreciated if someone can tell me what is a authentic site to buy pre-owned bag
  6. Hi,

    can you please help me identify Jessica alba's bag? I can't even tell the brand...

    thank you,


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  7. Anyone know this style of gucci? What is the Collection Name? Is ist very Old????


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  8. Hi ladies,

    Does anyone know what this bag is? Thanks for your help! :smile:

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  9. Can someone ID this bag?

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  10. I saw this bag in my Fall Casual 2012 cataloge--- pg 23 model is wearing a black motor jacket-- I love this bag!! HELP!

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