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Please Come See My Roomboxes

Posted By tillie46 Posted Nov 9, 2009

  1. I've always had a love for miniatures and Dollhouses. While attending a miniature show, I was introduced to Roomboxes. They start out as a plain plywood box, that I had to assemble(actually, my DH). If you want any lighting you also electrify it at this time. Then, the fun begins, and you build platforms, window, doors, furniture, etc. At first, I thought this would be so much easier than doing a dollhouse, but I was shocked at how detailed the Roomboxes were......they would take an incredible amount of time. Outside of every window, or set of french doors, there is a garden, that I also had to do myself. After all the basics are in, you can start wallpapering, putting in floors, crown moulding, baseboards, curtains, etc. These are my three "Works of Art". Each one took me at least a year to assemble, collect the miniatures for decorating, and making things myself.
    Each Roombox is custom framed with glass, and is recessed into a concrete wall in one of my guestrooms. There is a latch on the side of each one, just in case I have to open up the frame and get inside the box. My husband electrified everything to one switch in a closet, that turns on all the Roombox lights.....Chandeliers, lamps, etc. The first picture I'm posting is the three Roomboxes in the wall. The top Roombox is called the Luxury Bath with sunken bath tub. Over the bathtub is a window, and outside is a beautiful 3 dimentional garden. Some of the pictures have the lights on, and they didn't turn out as well. The middle Roombox on the wall is a French Country Kitchen. Most of the items, other than the pots and pans and kitchen set.....I made. Again, there is a window over the table and chairs, with a beautiful garden outside. On the left side of the kitchen are a set of french doors, also with a garden. I forgot to mention, outside of windows, and doors, are blown up pictures of landscapes to make it look more realistic. The Bottom roombox on the wall is The Little Girl's Room. I upholstered the little window seat, the seating under the fretwork, & made all the
    bedding. Take note of some of the childrens toys I was able to buy at miniature shows. These are my pride and joy, and I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures. I'm sorry this post is so long, but I wanted to cover all bases. Thanks for looking!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: BTW, for you LV lovers, in the Luxury Bath, there is a small museum quality LV make-up case, and you'll see an LV shopping bag next to the chair.
    DSC04434.jpg DSC04458.jpg DSC04459.jpg DSC04443.jpg th_DSC04426.jpg
  2. I'm sorry ladies, I'm having trouble loading the rest of the pictures. I've had them re-sized, but it's still not working. I hope tomorrow I'll be able to post the rest of them.
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    I managed to get a few more pictures uploaded........I hope I'm not duplicating any. I'm trying my best! Well, it looks like I'm going to have to wait for help tomorrow to get them uploaded, and I don't know why they all do not enlarge when you click on each picture. Someday, I'll get this right.
    th_DSC04427.jpg DSC04430.jpg th_DSC04426.jpg
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    I am utterly speechless. that is the most amazing thing I've ever seen...ever. I can't believe they're miniatures. absolutely astounding work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Thanks F&F.........I really wish the pictures would have turned out better. Take another look tomorrow or Wednesday, I hope to have more pictures posted. Hope you are well.......:flowers:
  6. Thanks so much for letting me know these were here!
    Wow, you are a Master Craftswoman!
    These rooms are amazing, they make me wish I was small so I could live in them!
    The work you put is is incredible, and you said you made most of the things in the kitchen?
    Have you done anything else before this, have you put together Dollhouses too?
    PLEASE post more pics!
    Are you working on another one now that these are finished?
  7. OMG they are soooooo detailed and sooooo beautiful! You are indeed a master at this! How can you be so precise, they are a work of absolute beauty! Tillie you are hiding those talents!
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    Enlarged the photos for you - can't wait to see more! I'm amazed - what a beautiful hobby to have.
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    And this is the roomboxes recessed into the wall? Incredible!!!
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    Kay, funny you should mention Brooke Tucker.........she is the Master, and that's who I took my classes from. Her work is revered in the miniature community! I'm so glad you like my "treasures", and thank you for enlarging them. I'm going to try and upload the remaining pictures of the kitchen, and the little girl's room today. Hugs!!!:heart::heart::heart: BTW, I checked out the roombox on eBay made by Brooke Tucker. I'm surprised that it's only $1,000. This particular one is not my favorite, but some of them are unreal! I've seen Roomboxes for sale at shows for $5,000 to $13,000, depending on size and detail. About the Luxury Bath, I entered it in a contest, and I won first prize. I'm so proud...........and I'm also an idiot!!
  11. No, you are not an idiot! You are so talented. That is a real gift to be able to work on such a small scale and to bring your vision to life. Your "set scene" is beautiful. It is like seeing a movie set - but in miniature.
  12. ^Kay, how did you enlarge the pictures that would not enlarge when you click on Attached Thumbnails? :confused1:
  13. These are really and truly amazing!!!! I am SO IMPRESSED!
  14. I'd like to say :ty: to frick&frack, Pilatesworks, lovelygarments, muggles, and annemerrick for looking at my "little treasures.........and being so nice :love: