*PICS* Show me how you wear your Fendi bags and shoes *PICS*

kavnadoo Posted By kavnadoo Posted Jun 15, 2007

  1. You look so so beautiful and the bag is tdf:smile:
  2. I love the Spy but I don't love it. I guess I need a more square shaped bag. Love Fendi though!:p
  3. Im loving this fendi spy in emerald green! Thanks.for.sharing this pic :smile:
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    I used to be a loyal Fendi customer but then I started to save my money for Chanel :graucho:

    I love this bag, has a goldish platinum shimmery color, the sa told that it was leather but feels more like fabric, so soft. crystals on the logo :loveeyes: (straps inside) and a pink sateen lining which is awesome too

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  5. LOVE the white pants! Super chic x

  6. Cute purse.