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Photography Lens~O~ Post your Candids or Classics Here!

GondolaGirl Posted By GondolaGirl Posted Dec 26, 2008

  1. Here are a few of mine:

    My Ebbie
    Blarney Castle
    Aran Islands from the plane
    Corpus Christi Skyline
    a rose

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  2. And a few more,

    Pink and me
    Studz and Pink
    Light at Tower Bridge London
    Big Ben

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  3. This is addictive (and I am bored) so here are a few more

    Candid shot of an Irish Singer
    Reeses doing his pointing thing
    Trump Tower
    Brooklyn Bridge

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  4. Trying again:

  5. ^^^ OO it reminds me of a purple kiwi lol... very very pretty, love the colors!

    I saw a home remodeling show and they did the living room in that light green and deep and light purples... I was so drooling!
  6. My favorite color combo - that's the colors in my bedroom: Green with purple accents.
  7. I love doing still photography with just about thing I can find!!
    Here is a few of my favorite ones- Hope you enjoy:heart:

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  8. That pearls one is STILL my favorite! I was just looking at it again yesterday in the Your Hermes as Art thread!
  9. Thanks Sweetie- :heart: It's funny as I am sure you know- you get inspired and all these ideas come flowing then you go through a dry spell!!
    I guess thats now- I'm not inspired by any new ideas!! In a funk!! lol

    Seriously I love your work!! You need to a display up here in my neck of the woods!!
  10. Wow - everyone's photos are wonderful! I love seeing shots from everyone's life! What fun!
  11. Irishlass and Amamxr, always good stuff!!!
  12. Is that a hermes construction hat? If so... why? lol

    Gorgeous photos, I love the pearl one too!
  13. Yes, it was sent to Hermes customers along with a note that said
    We are still open even though we are under construction as the store was being renovated. A marketing ploy- The hat now resides over the pond in London to a very lovely lady (friend) who is in Architectural Engineering- She actually wears it!! :tup:
  14. ^^ That's cool! What a story!