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Out and About with your YSL!!! ACTIONS SHOTS!!

authenticplease Posted By authenticplease Posted Dec 4, 2010

  1. Beautiful! It looks perfect together with your green coat and gold belt!
  2. Lovely action shots with your YSL bags, ladies! I was so inspired by your 'out and about' photos, I decided to share one of mine.:smile:

    My patent grey Downtown accompanied me around the sales in my town last week.


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  3. gorgeous Prada princess :biggrin:
  4. ^Thanks, Vesna!:smile:
  5. I really like the grey PL, especially for the Downtown, it looks fabulous with the colors you are wearing.
  6. Thanks, @Ceeyahd!:smile:
  7. LOVE YSL...I was able to score two YSL at the Cabazon outlet...a Silver Metallic medium Muse and a beautiful red cherry Easy medium.:roflmfao:
  8. Hello, ysl lovers) I have just realized, that I posted my shoes in a little bit wrong place...

    My first ysl pair of shoes. Small leopard print tributes.

  9. Wow guys, YSL is obviously the brand for gorgeous, stylish people.

    justpeachy I have no idea if there is even a bag in your pics because quite frankly I can't take my eyes off YOU!

    r15234 I'm not telling how cool you look cos you already know :p

    deathetothepixies anyone who can wear those iconic shoes for real :salute:

    Bagcat you nailed the casual chic look :tup:
  10. It's so clever the way you have used your bag to tie the tunic and the skirt together colourwise :tup:

    Irresistible, lucky you to be able to look at your beautiful feet all day

    Your whole look is just like the sunshine,

    ...this thread is getting a bit tooooo enabling :biggrin:
  12. Thank you, papertiger.:blushing:
  13. oh you.... :heart: