Other than ebay where can I sell a LV patchwork speedy

  1. I have been reading all these horor stories on eBay about troubles with selling LV's (ie, empty boxes, bait & switch...) I have a LV demin patchwork speedy that I have only carried a few times and now would like to sell. I'm just not feeling the warm & fuzzies with eBay anymore. It sounds like things have gotten a lot worse...... Is there anywhere else I can go????
  2. You can try annsfabulousfinds or jillsconsignment

    Also try authentic-luxury or imagechic

    Just a gentle reminder that there is no buying/ selling allowed on tPF unless you have been approved for the Marketplaza. Contrevening that is a bannable offense. Just a FYI. ;)
  3. Sorry!! :confused1:
  4. ^ no need to apologize, u didn't do anything wrong, she was just warning you that there is no selling on tPF (many new posters break this rule and get banned as a result).

    if you are too afraid of selling the item yourself on eBay, you could try consignment with a reputable reseller, like fashionphile. a few tpfers have done this and they say it worked out really well and they were able to get a decent amount of $$ for their bags, and didn't have to go through the typical hassle/worry of selling a bag on ebay.