Ooops I've broke the ban.....REVEAL....REVEAL

designerdiva40 Posted By designerdiva40 Posted Apr 28, 2012

  1. I've said it so many times this year that I'm on a bag ban but then something catches my eye & I just have to have it & this happened last weekend when I'd gone to London to buy my LV Alma Vernis in Pomme & I'd wanted this bag for ages but then I happened to look in the Balenciaga boutique & I knew it was a mistake but I thought I'll just have a little peek & that's when I saw it & I just knew I had to have her :graucho: so I phoned Harvey Nichols in London & they were good enough to hold the bag for 4 days until I could get to London to buy this beauty.

    Any guesses????????
  2. I don't but I'm here :biggrin:
  3. Dv city ggh?
  4. [​IMG]
  5. :snack::snack:
  6. :popcorn:
  7. I've taken a pic with my camera & no flash & one with my iphone without flash.....The colour really is TDF & I'm so pleased I chose the Giant hardware

    Presenting Miss DV City with Giant Gold Hardware




    Picked up another pair of earrings from Chanel......I just can't get enough of there earrings, there nearly as addictive as handbags.


    Thanks for letting me share & now I really am on a ban :ban::ban:
  8. Gorgeous!!!!!! Loving this DV! Congrats!
  9. wow - loving that DV you Naughty Girl! :p
    The leather looks beautifully saturated - congratulations on a fabulous bag!
    Lovig the Chanel earrigs as well....great match!
  10. Hi Lovely, I just emailed you your very own pic :graucho::graucho: I'm trying to enable you :roflmfao::roflmfao: so is it working ??
  11. :faint: the leather, the color it's all amazing!!! Love your new bag!
    And those Chanel earrings are great too :tup:
  12. WOW!!! Love it!

  13. wow wow wow!!!! everything is perfect :smile:
  14. Oh whoa!! This is one very very pretty violet with ggh!!!! The Chanel earrings aren't too bad either lol

  15. Gorgeous! She's worth to break the bag ban for! 😜