Bottega Veneta

OMG the sales is killing me! (Quick reveal)

fatcat2523 Posted By fatcat2523 Posted Jul 8, 2013

  1. Everywhere is on sales but I think my mom got the best deal out of all

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    Her first knot in violet satin and water snake trim...with 60%off

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    Black fringe Veneta with 60% off ($1009.00CAD) (my SA said this bag was hiding and just put out on the sales rack)

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    Group pic with Veneta in Maxi and Veneta belly
  2. Enjoy....
  3. beautiful bags- love them all.
  4. Woweee they're all beautiful. I love the Sales :woohoo:
  5. I thought I was done, but I seriously want that fringe bag - color me green with envy!
  6. Beautiful collection! I especially like the Veneta Belly.
  7. Thank you everyone!
  8. The Fringe bag does grown on you in person !
  9. wow what a haul
    nothing like a good sale
    use them all in good health
    I love the knot and the belly
  10. Very nice. Love the teal color...definitely nice collection.
  11. So simple and so beautiful!
  12. In love with the knot!
  13. Congratulations on all your new bags, they look great in your collection too :yahoo:
  14. Good job! Terrific peices!