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OMG, new iridescent studs!!!

Tiare Posted By Tiare Posted Mar 6, 2013

  1. Anyone knows where I can still get this bag on sale, maybe an SA contact? Thanks !
  2. Hi guys, I am pretty new to this but came across this thread and thought I would share my Rocco with you all. I got it on Christmas Eve from Harrods and love it! :loveeyes:

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  3. She is so pretty!:biggrin:

  4. Which are you looking for the Rockie or Rocco?

    I don't know of anyone that still has them on sale but if your wanting a Rocco I know that neiman's still has them at full price. Perhaps reach out to an SA there and find out if/when they'll marking it down.
  5. Gorgeous! I love it :smile:
  6. I saw a girl in a Starbucks in NJ rocking the Rocco with iridescent studs. I've never seen one in person and it was STUNNING! I couldn't stop staring haha. Maybe it was one of you lovely ladies :smile:
  7. I haven't read through every post, but maybe you can try calling the A.Wang store in Soho to see their availability? I bought the iridescent stud once it got on mega sale from the store, and in general, they sometimes have had extras of slightly older season things when I would go in and ask about particular items. Hope it works out!
  8. I just managed to get the black diego with iridesent studs 45% off on The Outnet, might still have some?

  9. Does the outnet sell authentic? I never heard of them

  10. Yes, the outnet is owned by/a division of Net-a-porter
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    Looks so cute!

    Lol I was sooo close to buying an oil slick diesel watch I saw at the fossil outlet.

    I resisted but only because the only accessory I'm more obsessed with then my wang is my butterfly extreme Michele watch.
  12. Love it! Great find. :woohoo:
  13. So freaking pretty and a perfect match as well to the AW hardware.