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Official PAULE MARROT reference thread

NamkhaDrolma Posted By NamkhaDrolma Posted Jan 3, 2009

  1. Mine was the cannes tote not the zip top duffel. The cannes is 3 times the size. Yours was the one I was originally looking for. It's perfect!!! Great modeling shots :tup: Thanks guys for bumping the thread. I can't wait to see the new PM bags.
  2. The dimensions are 13" x 9" x 4". It's the right size for most books or papers, but if you have an oversized folder or notebook (like me) it's harder to fit.

    Oh, I had no idea there was a tote! I will have to go back and look at your pics again. Now I want to get my hands on one of the larger ones, LOL. I'm a big-bag girl. Thanks for pointing that out :smile:
  3. I had posted these pics in a thread that I started, but I guess it really belongs here....

    Lido Clutch Wallet, Bouton d'Or pics I had searched for pics of the Bouton d'Or Lido clutch wallet previously, but couldn't find any. Here are photos I took of mine....

    lovely fuchsia lining


  4. Here is a picture of 4 Paule Marrot rectangle cases
    Grey Floral
    Graphic plaid
    Blue Floral
  5. Beautiful photos! I am even more determined to get a Lido Harlequin. And, I will certainly have to start saving up for the Lido Camille.

  6. Thanks RealMcCoy! I actually wanted the Lido Wallet in Lead but wasn't able to snag one during the sale:sad:. However, in the last couple of weeks, I started obsessing over the goldrush colour.....and guess what came in the mail yesterday?????
  7. My beautiful, beautiful Lido in Goldrush:wlae::wlae::wlae:

    lovely, lovely....

    and now w/ her sister....
  8. Groan...now I want a Lido clutch wallet. VERY nice photos Frenchie, very nice.
  9. love all your rectangle cases, lulu:yes:, especially the harlequin!
  10. thanks h8bl82, i got my goldrush bnwt from eBay. i'll let you know if i come across any more lido wallets at a good price:smile:
  11. Here's my Cannes Zipper Tote in Corsaire from the 75% off sale:



  12. OMG this is gorgeous! wish I could have gotten this coin purse

    I looked all through the thread but couldnt find any pics of a cuff bracelet
  13. Crikey, so much HH to love! Great photos, great pieces Ladies!
  14. I posted a pic of my PM cuff bracelet. It's post # 57. Is that what your talking about?
  15. ^^^ oh yes I see it now. It is beautiful. I dont know how I missed it. LOL