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Note RE: Stock Photos Not Matching Actual Bag

Samantha's Collection Posted By Samantha's Collection Posted Sep 20, 2007

  1. I recently purchased a Morgan from net-a-porter. After carrying it around a few times I noticed there were issues with the stitching and the leather was starting to tear near the zipper. net-a-porter returned it without a problem.

    JimmyChoo.com happened to have the Morgan 50% off also so I ordered another one. Sorry for the long intro, but this is what I discovered. Both of the Morgans I had received had different details than the JC.com photos.Here are pics from JC.com. The zipper on the top front has a Jimmy Choo metal button on the zipper pull. Neither bags I purchased nor the bags shown in the photos sent to me by my SA at the boutique have this. Also, on the interior shot you see a leather pull tab on the left that aids in opening the zipper. This was not included in the bags I purchased.



    Stock Bari photo
    Bari with metal plaque

    As a side note, I also noticed JC is stitching the shoulder straps differently on the Morgan than my previous season Mahalas. On my Mahalas the stitching continues down the strap and continues around the hardware that attaches to the bag. On the Morgan the stitching does not continue.

    Noticing these differences bothers me a little because it strikes me as "cutting corners". These were just a couple of observations. Has anyone else noticed any other discrepancies?
  2. How odd. Have you contacted JChoo.com to ask is there was a change? What season was the morgan from?
    This would bother me as well!:confused1:
  3. Wait - I do not see the dif on the Morgan :confused1: Im I blind???? I see it on the bari!! :nogood: - I think you need to draw little arrows pointing at the dif for me like a 5 yr old!! ... lol:push:
  4. I can definitely see the difference on the Bari, but I agree, it's hard for me to see the differences in the Morgan. Overall, I find it odd that the bags would be different than the photos from the website. I would really like to hear the explanation.