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New to HH Sales? Help!

dcooney4 Posted By dcooney4 Posted Feb 19, 2011

  1. With their spring sale and no return policy are the leathers ever scratched or damaged and do all the zippers etc function? I saw quite a few cute things but I'm hesitant to order and get stuck with something that's damaged.
  2. I would say that this is more of a clearnce sale than a sample sale. All of the items i received were new in sealed packages in perfect condition.
  3. My I ask did you order any bags? I was looking at the smaller bags. Do you have any suggestions?
  4. How small are you looking for? Was there a particular bag you liked? A bunch of us have ordered the apprentice satchel. In the past people have liked the Magic Dot newman and I like the Quorra as a special occasion bag.
  5. I had been looking at the gray drawstring bag but it sold out,but thanks for answering.