1. As each victim is found, the serial killer leaves more clues, evidently daring our two detectives to find him. Morgan Freeman gets the idea of using the library system to see who has been reading up on the seven deadly sins and finds a list of potential suspects, the first aptly named John Doe. When arriving at John Doe's apartment, a shoot-out erupts and the detectives realize they have the right guy. Only Doe has escaped and we never get to see his face. Even worse, for some reason the apartment contains no fingerprints.

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  12. ^I was unhappy with the killing of Jenna as well. I thought she would make a great vampire.

    Damon: Why doesn't anyone (on the show) acknowledge that Damon got bitten while trying to help Elena? He is always left as the bad guy. Yes, he's impulsive...which is annoying in itself. As Fandora has said: I don't understand why he doesn't have more control over his actions after all this time.

    Now that Elijah took off with Klaus, is the elixir even an option for Damon? If so...maybe the elixir will make him
    human like in the book. This would certainly give him a chance with Elena. Then she could have her babies and live a human life, growing old with her partner.

    If this was left as a cliff hangar it would be amazing.
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  14. Bruce Willis was dead the whole time!
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