New Prada Saffiano in Fuoco red hottt!!!

justhello69 Posted By justhello69 Posted Jun 28, 2012

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    Hi this is my first review i hope you guy not get bored with this Prada Saffiano yet:smile:

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  2. Hello I'm not able to view the pictures
  3. I love that colour!!!
  4. Nice color congrats
  5. Love that red!!!!!
  6. nice color.
  7. Wow, nice bag.. Congrats.. May i know what model ? Is that 2274 ?
  8. I think it's the 1801.
  9. congratssss.... :smile: gorgeous bag...
  10. Lovely bag
  11. Lovely!!!

    I have it in the bigger size.. Love it!
  12. Beautiful color!
  13. I never get bored of the Saffiano Lux tote! Love your new bag! The color is gorgeous!
  14. Excellent colour!
  15. Nice color, gratz~!!