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New Items Launching August 1st!

tobefetching Posted By tobefetching Posted Jul 31, 2013

  1. My SA called me yesterday to tell me this, but I have no other details. I'm sure it's been talked about here and someone knows something...

    ...so who has the skinny? What launches tomorrow? Names, pictures, prices... any info would be awesome. :tup:
  2. The only item I know of is the monogram Pallas ...
  3. Is this the monogram bag with the long strap and double vachetta handles? If not , then i saw a bag at the store 2 women were looking at and asked the SA i was working with ....when does this come out. She said August 1st. I never saw it before on here . I am not sure of the name . She was not sure either. It was ok but nothing i wanted. :smile:
  4. Yes that is it. It comes in two colors. I really like the aurore.
  5. I like the Palles, but don't feel the need to own it. I sure hope the launch is more than just that! Or... maybe my bank account would prefer that nothing else comes out. :giggles:
  6. Oh ok. Aurore is beautiful! I know the woman trying it on put it on crossbody and to me it was up way to high on her . I think this would be a great shoulder/ arm carry bag but not crossbody. It reminded me a little of Westminster without pleats and strap for some reason. Are you getting it tomorrow?
  7. I'm not sure it's meant to be a crossbody bag even though the strap is longer. It kind of reminds me of the Artsy with a zipper. I'm excited for someone to give a review on it! I'm going to LV soon to look at it and decide...:smile:
  8. didn't i read somewhere on another thread that the Vernis Alma and Vernis Brea launch in Grand Bleu in August???
  9. Yes! I think you are right. For some reason i am thinking the 15th. But i could be wrong.
  10. I called LV the other day about the alma pm in grand bleu and was told it would be released on Aug 1.
  11. intresting to see/hear
  12. thnx for sahring i think the chains will hurt your arm??? it looks thin and heavy....
  13. Do you the price?