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*NEW CLs* Let's TALK about the new styles!

JetSetGo! Posted By JetSetGo! Posted Mar 21, 2012

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  1. Loubi sneakers are getting crazy priced too LOL
  2. The pikpiks I just got for my BF were 995€ and last year around 850€... He has crazy prices on flats and sneakers too! I tried sandals and they were around 600€
  3. Perche Soleil AD 140 -- TTS. Stunning in person. LVP also has the Pigalle 100mm.




  4. Those are amazing! :drool:
  5. Guessing your luggage is a bit heavier coming home lol. There stunning
  6. Ahhhh still so torn on these! They look great in pics and on your skin tone but I would still just rather see them in person first. Congrats!!

  7. These are insanely beautiful & I can not wait to get mine!!!!!!!!! I dont like paying full price to often, but these look totally worth it----& I have heard they are!!

    Congrats Jenay!! They look gorgeous on you!!

  8. i love how you come in, drop the hotness, like "ain't no thang":supacool:
    hope all is well

  9. not gonna help. his kicks are expensive. he's opening up a men's store so that means $$$
  10. I know! So pretty!
  11. Yes, I agree, but I will definitely get way more wear out of them. BTW, the men's shoes sell out way faster than the women's! It's crazy!
  12. These are sooooooooo amazing!!
  13. OH MY GAWD!!!! This really isn't helping me right now! This is beyond gorgeous and I can't wait to see more shots of you in this beauty! :biggrin: Congrats!
  14. Congrats J!!!! They are so beautiful.
    I can't wait for mine :biggrin:
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