New blue for SS 2012 and AW 2012/2013

footlocker Posted By footlocker Posted May 4, 2012

  1. Thnxxxxx love cobalt!
  2. Super! Congrats again.
  3. I have my eyes covered. I am not looking.
    No matter how beautiful these blues are, I am not looking..........
  4. Which is basically the perfect color combination, IMO. ;) So beautiful! Totally going on the wish list!
  5. this is the cobolt Bleu Kelly in Togo of my sister.........


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  6. A bit like azure on my computer screen.

  7. it looks like mykonos but less bright?:smile:

  8. Thanks Perina for this nice picture. Lagon looks like Bleu de Paon on my screen...does the two also look like each other IRL?

  9. They look totally different to me IRL.........here is the pic of .....bleu Paon Bearn in Chevre and Lagon be bop in Swift........


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  10. Sydspy is completely correct, they are not the same in real life, my apologies for the bad lighting! Here's another shot, Lagon Lindy and Bleu de Paon coin purse. This is more accurate.

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  11. BH comes in swift - i've seen it irl & it's a neon mykonos! I've alerted my SAs to call me if anything in BH comes in, can't wait ^^
  12. it kinda looks like blue azteque!!! my dream color!! thanks for the video!

    now i need it in chèvre and i will be one happy girl!!

    ps - the video starts blasting some random song, so turn your volume down as needed!!
  13. So Blue Hydra is already out? I thought first bags would arrive around August? Does anyone know if BH comes in any other leather the swift? I neeeeeed something in BH
  14. How can BH already be available and in a b?? I thought only swatches were out and SLG's and bags etc would start becoming available later in the year....??? Lol I'm confused :wondering:huh::confused1::thinkin: