My THIRD reveals in three months (sorry no bag this time)

alecmargaret Posted By alecmargaret Posted Aug 5, 2012

  1. Great haul! Congrats!
  2. Love this!
    I was considering buying this mug but so scared that i will break it if i use it daily. :-P
  3. Thanks for stopping by Hed Kandi, hope you enjoy my reveal :smile:
  4. Hiya, I loved this mug and I have not decide to just collect it or use it yet. I did ask my SA to get me another mug in Nil design, maybe then I will decide which one to use. ;)
  5. Beautiful things! Love the trainers and the mug!
  6. Thanks lulilu, I loved them as well! :smile:
  7. beautiful!!! enjoy them all!! congrats!
  8. what a stunning collection of H goodies.. especially love the twillies, shoes and the cat charm..! and your DD is soooo cute. she is so gorgeous..and i like the pooh carpet too!!
  9. Such an amazing haul :love:
    Looks Like you had a blast shopping!
    Also Your DD Is adorable :smile:
  10. What a fun reveal with glorious pictures. Your DD is precious and I love all the orange boxes I see in the bedroom. Your charms are darling--I can't find any! Errr.... Love the KD in mykonus--looks beautiful with your Celine. Twilly heaven, and I too would be afraid to use the mug. But I love looking at her. Congratulations to you on your purchases dear!!!