My SAKs steal!

allie_molly Posted By allie_molly Posted Dec 26, 2012

  1. Very VERY nice!
    I love Tod's...
    understated and classy...
    Color is gorgeous!
    So, how much of a steal was it???!!!
  2. Love it!!
  3. Wow! Just fabulous!!
  4. congrats! I saw that today. Saks was a madhouse. I believe it was 65% off
  5. I bought a pair of black Burberry London trousers originally priced at $375 for only $75!
  6. OMG! At that price, I wished I was near a Saks!
  7. It was between the navy and the black, so happy with my choice. Originally $2,500 and I got it for $750, it was a Christmas gift so my debit card was off the hook... this time at least.
  8. Very good choice!
    And that IS a steal!
  9. Such a beautiful bag. Well done!
  10. the color is so yummy! congrats!
  11. Beautiful bag :smile:

    BTW I have the same bedspread in grey.... great minds :smile:
  12. So funny you picked up on that! We have the same taste.
  13. Wow... I'm usually a prada girl but that purse is fantastic! You can see the beautiful leather and craftsmanship. Enjoy!
  14. Lovely bag! Congrats!