My Newest Babies!

ThisVNchick Posted By ThisVNchick Posted Jun 11, 2013

  1. I've been pretty busy lately, however I always somehow, just somehow, manage to save some time for Dior. Between juggling to finish my second year of medical school, studying and taking my step 1 (board exam) and finalizing my wedding plans for August, I've managed grab these in between. And as my husband (we're legally married, just not according to the church married, not until August at least) says, "When you're stress, no one in your life benefits, except maybe the department stores and Dior." Well haha and yes to that! With that said, let's do some reveals!

    Any guesses first?

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  2. Ooo I know one is a Diorissimo in that gorgeous wine-like colour. I'm guessing that there is also a Miss Dior and Dior Soft in there. The Miss Dior is in some kind of pink, maybe.
  3. you are sooooo good!
  4. First up: Miss Dior in rose sorbet.

    I never thought I'd become a pink person, but ohemgee, this pink is so gorgeous. I especially love the contrasting interior color of this bag and the small compartments.

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  5. And because one can never have too many totes, I went back for a second Soft.
    Presenting my Blue Roi "chameleon" Dior Soft in silver hardware. Depending on the lighting, this color can transform from blue to purple and back. So lovely.

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  6. :woohoo::woohoo::loveeyes::drool::drool::drool:

    There aren't enough of these smileys!!! You've got awesome pieces! I love how diverse your collection is in terms of colour!
  7. Nah I was trying to peak through your dust bags and the Miss Dior's size and colour shone right through.

    The Dior Soft was a lucky guess. It could've been a large Lady Dior or another Diorissimo.
  8. My poor heart </3 These are incredible!! Congrats~!
  9. And the last...my latest Dior Diorissimo :smile:

    She's a pretty bordeaux color, with some purple undertone. Although I was hoping for a more true purple color, she is still absolutely precious in every way. From her rich dark red exterior color to her pink-peachy interior. Dior, seriously, has the best colors.

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  10. And a final family picture of my latest acquisitions. Thanks for letting me share :smile:

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  11. All thanks to Dior. If they keep coming out with more lovely colors, my savings will become nonexistent.
  12. Congrats on all the purchases!!! all the colors u got for each bags are stunning and i love ur mod pics too!:love::loveeyes::heart:
  13. OK excuse me while I drool over your pics a little more :heart:3333
  14. Omigoodness! :love::love::loveeyes::loveeyes::love::love:
    What a Dior haul! I love love love that cobalt soft. I never liked that bag but in that cobalt, it's amazing! The Miss Dior in pink is so lovely. The Diorissimo looks amazing,also. Congrats and good luck on all your adventures!