My new baby, a raisin Diorissimo

jehaga Posted By jehaga Posted Jul 21, 2012

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    First time posting pix using iPad and posted the thread in the wrong place. hope the mod removes the other thread...

    Anyway, here is my very first Dior bag. The leather smells amazing.

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  2. OMG~!! I am so in love with the leather
  3. Oh wow! That is a beautiful bag - congrats! :biggrin:
  4. Gorgeous colour and leather grain. :heart:
  5. Incredible!
  6. what a beauty, congrats
  7. Stunning color! I looove Dior! Congrats!!!
  8. Oh.... You had me drooling just to see the thread!!!! Love Diorissimo!!!! :smile:
  9. Luxurious! Love the leather grain and the color choice:p
  10. Beautiful! Love the color!
  11. oh my god this is TTTDDDFF!! I'm on :cloud9:just by seeing the pic! And it's exactly the one I'm seeking! OOH I want to get it right now. But the price is #(%R*#*&! Thank you so much for sharing!

    A question if you don't mind, how is the detachable strap holding up? I'm intending to use it with a macbook pro 15 inch, not sure if holding up heavy things will be good or not.
  12. Just saw this bag yesterday in the display window of Dior on Bond Street.

    It is a stunning bag! Congrats!
  13. I LOVE your new Diorissimo! Congratulations!!!
  14. so pretty and elegant!!
  15. Beautiful color, congrats!