My mulberry bags now have their own living space


  1. I don't have insurance for each bag but I think we have declared on our house insurance.
  2. I am so absolutely jealous of you! My handbag collection lives dangling from hooks on the back of my door :sad: Also very jealous of your beautiful Alexas!
  3. Lovely :ps: :ps:
  4. I brought this additional unit for my jewellery. But it gives me a perfect excuse to add another couple of bags to my collection!!

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  6. Wow, you have such a beautiful collection, Becca! Gorgeous!! :love: And now they live in all their glory in their bagrobe :smile: Wow to your collection again! I need a bigger home!
  7. I have the same storage cabinet - mine is filled with papers and boring things though, yours is definitely more exciting! What a lovely collection :smile:
  8. What a fab display case for a great collection !
  9. Wow!! I so wish I had room to display my lovely like this. This would be the ideal for me... No dust bags needed and easier to change out bags. I love it all. Your jewels are gorgeous! I have been looking for jewelry just like like this too. Makes so much more of a statement than just gold or silver. And are those little blue boxes I see too? ;)
  10. Thanks everyone. I'm so pleased with it. I can see them all at once & decide which to use. It's so much easier. Lola rose is a fab brand. Really chunky gemstone jewellery. And yes well spotted on the Tiffany!! Brought from new York several years ago when it was 2 dollars to the pound & a bargain price!
  11. Wow, it looks like a boutique!

    I'm a big Lola Rose fan too, wearing a Jane necklace in coral today as it happens.
  12. Like your style Becca....:biggrin: