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vivi_2008 Posted By vivi_2008 Posted Apr 22, 2012

  1. From miu miu
  2. Thank you everyone... I really baby my bags expect my bal 07 white. It's my daily bag... It's really dirty so did not take the pictures... There will be more coming up...
  3. So sorry, I am rather new here, what's TDF??
  4. Thank you.. I am a dress down person, always in shorts and tees. When I get my bags, I only go for pop colors...
  5. Your collection is gorgeous!! I'll definitely be checking back in to see some more.
  6. Wow beautiful collection. I just started my Louis Vuitton collection about 1.5 years ago. Love it!
  7. i love your bags. thank you for sharing
  8. Lovely collection... especially I like the green LV.
  9. oh so stunning!!
  10. Thank you everyone.. 😊more LV, BV coming up... Stay tune...
  11. You obviously have a favorite designer! lol I love them all! I looove balenciaga
  12. I seems to be more extreme!! 😁😁😁