My first reveal!!!

PiojisPink Posted By PiojisPink Posted Jul 12, 2012

  1. After a lot of thinking and a long line at the fedex pick up location this beauty and I are now together. Any guesses?

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  2. No guess, but I can't wait to see....
  3. willis? sophia?
  4. something in red
  5. Here's a little teaser ;)

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  6. And here's the Candace colorblock navy! She's so soft and pretty and I'll wear it for the legacy collection launch in my FP store next weekend!

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  7. Pretty! I love red bags.
  8. Classy!!
  9. I love it! Thats a beautiful color. I hope you dont mind me asking how much is it?
  10. Thanks!!! I don't mind at all! It's $458 but I told the manager that my "friend" got the PCE and I didn't so she was nice and gave me the discount.
  11. That is so pretty! Does the handle fit over the shoulder, or is that strictly an arm/hand bag?
  12. Very very nice!!
  13. Its really really beautiful. Thanks for the info. Its a must have for sure!
  14. Very nice- I want this as well
  15. Very Nice! Congrats!