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My FIRST Reveal: Spikes & Strass & Everything Nice

AEGIS Posted By AEGIS Posted Aug 22, 2012

  1. Both pairs are TDF!!! So gorgeous!! Congrats!!!
  2. Let the hunt begin! Thanks!
  3. congrats! Those are some fabulous, fabulous shoes!
  4. They are beautiful!!
  5. OMG, I die!!!
    Congrats on two amazing pairs, girl! :woot:
  6. Both pairs look great on you!!!! Congrats!
  7. The Dorado strass Pigalle is TDF! :woot:
  8. Beautiful! Congrats :biggrin:
  9. Ugh they're beautiful and they look amazing on your skin girl! :woot:
  10. Theyre both gawjus :drool: Congrats :woohoo:

  11. Thanks ladies! I wanted my first reveal to be special:biggrin:

  12. thanks! :smile:

    I'm copying you with the black spike and LV :graucho: ;)
  13. Congrats on both pairs! The Dorado strass is gorgeous!
  14. :ghi5:
  15. :loveeyes::loveeyes: