My First Mulberry Handbag!

Cupcake2008 Posted By Cupcake2008 Posted Jun 9, 2012

  1. Hi all

    So, I managed to pick up my new Mulberry from DHL depot yesterday evening, after they had tried to deliver earlier in the day...I was jumping up and down when I got it home!!

    So here's the start to my reveal....a few of you will know what it is already.....

    It was purchased from Matches and came in this beautiful box.

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  2. The smell of the leather was intoxicating!

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  3. Morning Cupcake!

    Love the box - now show the contents:p
  4. hmm.. need to buy something from matches next :p
  5. This completely gives it away!

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  6. I'm not very good at dragging these reveals out, as I can't wait! Here she is! :love:

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  7. Looks gorgeous :heart: - love that box too !
  8. That is delicious
  9. Thanks Millicat and Plemont!

    I love the Cookie range and when it came out, I was considering the black bays, but after seeing them in real life, I thought the other colours showed off the design a lot better and the oak Cookie bays is what I was lusting after. I'm not too keen on oak normally, but this is the perfect shade of oak for me (if that makes sense!).
  10. Then I tried her against me and thought maybe she's too big for me...I'm only 4'11". I then put my heels on and thought she looked fine :smile:
  11. Oops, here's the picture!

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  12. Wow cupcake, that is just gorgeous. You model it beautifully as well!

    I must admit I'm becoming more and more drawn to this bag... Was planning to buy a standard oak bays but this is tempting. I was originally unsure as I thought it was a bit too 'feminine' for me, but changing my mind...

    Anyway, congrats and enjoy!! :smile:
  13. Lovely Cookie, cupcake, and I love your shoes :smile:
  14. Thank you Kingla and Kyliegul!

    I'm a real girlie girl, so it suits me - but the cookie design also gives it a vintage feel.

    Thanks, Kyliegul - the shoes are from Office....I've had them for a few months now but I think they went into their current sales :smile:
  15. Wow, congrats on your new bag - its stunning, fab modelling pic too, loving the nail polish matching the shoes! :biggrin: