My first Goyard

late.in.da.game Posted By late.in.da.game Posted Mar 27, 2014

  1. Congrats!!
  2. Congrats! Its a beautiful bag in goyard's classic color.
  3. I love it!!! Congrats & enjoy!
  4. Gorgeous!!! Would you mind sharing the price?
  5. Thank you all! I am truly enjoying it! Btw, I don't know the pricing because this was a present from my husband.
  6. love the tan trim with black! lucky girl ;)
  7. Love it!!!!!!!!

  8. Thank you
  9. If you were getting a GM to use as a travel bag, would you get green or grey? I'm not as concerned with it matching my wardrobe if it would mainly be used as a carry on. Thank you!

  10. I'm not fond of colors...I go for the grey
  11. Love love love! Congrats! This is actually my first time seeing this style.
  12. Congrats! Same bag but different color. Enjoy it to the max . :cool:

  13. What color do you have?

  14. Thank you!