My first Céline : REVEAL

azzart Posted By azzart Posted May 25, 2013

  1. First of all, let me introduce myself;

    I'm a 19 years old boy, art student from Paris. I'm usually a real fan of Louis Vuitton bags. But when I discovered Céline, I was immediately seduced by the design and the colors of their bags. The bag which firstly caught my attention was the Luggage. I was totally attracted by it's timeless and original shape and by the quality of its leather. In fact, I liked the style of this bag before knowing that it was Céline.

    One day, my mother bought a tricolor trapeze and I was really amazed by the quality of the leather and by the details of her bag. She loves her bag and uses it almost daily. Sometime later, we decided to return to the store to see some Luggages for me. I wanted something large and casual, that I can use daily and almost for travelling.

    Do you want to see what I finally bought?


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  2. Lets see!
  3. :snack::snack::snack::snack:
  4. Here are other pictures. Any guesses? :smile:

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  5. Mini?
  6. Mini Luggage ?? Let us see!! :lol:
  7. Mini?

    Your mum must have got great taste in liking Celine. :smile:
  8. Let's see!
  9. Can't wait!
  10. Id say its the mini jungle !! :graucho:
  11. Here!
  12. Here is my large tricolor Luggage. I love it so much :smile: So classic and timeless. The color harmony is amazing. When I first saw it, I was immediately seduced.

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  13. Congratss ! I think u did good, such a masculine color combo .. ;)
  14. It's beautiful :smile: I could stare at it all day
  15. Love the bag!