My first Balenciaga - Reveal - City and Mini City

platinum_babie Posted By platinum_babie Posted Oct 27, 2013

  1. It's two months from my 30th bday and I told myself i'll finally get my first high end bag. I went to George V (Bal's first store!) with my bf, and I got myself the Black City Silver GH and he got me the Mini City Gold GH in Bleu Mineral :smile:

    Unfortunately, the black one did not come with a paper year card - as I had posted here:

    Alas, the pics!

    Excuse the toilet paper - I'm too cheap to buy kleenex at home...HAHAHA




  2. I'm about 5'3" (160cm). Sorry about the horrible lighting. I don't have good bright lights at home and it's been raining since I got it (Yesterday!!) so no sun either!



  3. Congrats on ur first bals! Looks great on u:smile:
  4. congrats!!
  5. lovely bags, both look good on you ~ congrats
  6. Two in one day!! Lucky lady! Happy early birthday 🎂
  7. Very nice bags. Congrats and happy birthday!
  8. congratulation!!! both bags look great on you :smile:
  9. happy birthday. love more & more the mini city:love:
  10. Happy Birthday!!! You look great and they look great on you. Congratulations!!! Super exciting

  11. Thanks all! I'm getting bday wishes all over the place cuz of my bag - lolol - my bf won't stop making fun of me cuz it's soooo far in advanced. Whatever - i needed the excuse. Big girl now with a big girl bag!!
  12. Both are absolutely gorgeous - big congrats!

    (I would phone them about the tag. Not a major issue but irritating. They should be able to help you out I think - good luck!)
  13. I love them both, really nice!! :woohoo::biggrin:
  14. Thanks for the advice. When i think about it, i realize it's not a huge deal since people lose that kinda stuff all the time and if they had given me a tag from another bag, I wouldn't really know any different. My bag could be a return that's a 2012 model as the leather is more supple from all the 2013 i have seen, which is okay with me since i think that's more important to me. I would just prefer to know if you know what i mean :p With black City's i'm not really sure if anyone can ever tell the year without a tag, and even with a tag, there seems to be a lot of fake tags around.
  15. Did you check your receipt, P-B?

    I'm pretty sure that the last time I bought something from George V, the code & year of the item were printed on the computerised receipt. Worth a look! I'd still phone them though and ask if they can give you the relevant cards. Even if the bag is a return or has been held in stock for a while, they should still have them. :smile: