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einseine Posted By einseine Posted Sep 9, 2010

  1. FioriJ, travelerscloset, Lady Chinadoll:

    Thank you for your attention and kind words!!!:biggrin:
    Celine is my most favorite brand! But, my next purchase would be YSL, MUSE TWO(MINI).;)
  2. Thanks! There are not many bags that I can fancy. So I don't have many bags, but really love them all!;)

  3. Thanks:graucho:
  4. beautiful collection......
  5. very nice collection of hand bags!:smile:
  6. Pursebop, tda,

    THANKS!!! :winkiss:
  7. Thank you, Feri!!! I don't have many, but love them all very much!:p
  8. Chloe Angie Large! Love the leather! The design might look a bit boring, but I feel the quality of the make. Love Angie more than Muse/Celine Luggage.:biggrin:

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  9. classy collection
  10. Thanks! Your BLOG is amaging!!! Love it!:p
  11. well edited einseine! Love your dior and chanel! and of course that luggage tote!!
  12. Thanks LVoeletters!!! I love my collection! Actually it is not easy for me to find a bag that I like. I love a bag of low-profile and good quality, without brand name on it!!! What's more, I don't like a bag that is really in fashion. I used to love Celine, but it is too popular now...
  13. I love the Dior and Chanel bag :heart: