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My Birthday/Christmas Present... Instant Reveal!

MDNA Posted By MDNA Posted Dec 19, 2013

  1. It took all day for USPS to stop by but my Birthday/Christmas present is finally here, my new Empreinte Artsy in Havane :smile:

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  2. Beautiful!! Congrats :biggrin:
  3. Soooo beautiful! Love it!
  4. Love the color of your artsy. what a pretty and roomy bag to carry all of your SLGs and hello kitty items!
  5. Love! :smile: Happy early birthday:flowers:
  6. Thank you :smile:
  7. Very nice, looks so inviting being the colour of chocolate. Congrats.
  8. LVoe the Artsy in Havane, such a pretty color!! Great birthday present!!:smile:
  9. Beautiful:heart: happy birthday:smile:
  10. Happy Birthday. Pretty color, congrats!!!
  11. so pretty!!! congrats, Merry Xmas and happy birthday to you!
  12. Love it! Happy Birthday and congrats!
  13. Thank you :smile:
  14. sooooo pretty!
  15. Beautiful! Congratulations!