My Birkin Family

whitebirkin Posted By whitebirkin Posted Jul 4, 2007

  1. As promised, for those who wanted to get a closer look into my Birkin family, previously posted in my avatar... Here are closer pics of each member :party:

    I'm also inviting other Hermes fans to post pics of their beloved "family" here! Pls feel free to post your pic album here girls!!:rochard:

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  2. One more pic...

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  3. Jesus, you have jaune!
    OMG all those B's lucky girl!
  4. WOWZERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:drool::drool::drool::drool:
  5. My goodness, what a collection. I envy you. Are the birkins all 35?
  6. Holy Moly!!!!!

    Beautiful bags WB.
  7. O M I G O D!!!
    Love :heart:, love:heart:, love:heart: your collection!!
  8. So beautiful!!!!!
  9. omg amazing............i truly envy you hahaha
  10. whitebirkin,

    You have great relatives!!! WOW... thanks for sharing.
  11. You have so many of my dream bags!!

  12. That last pic with the red and white birkins---that's my dream collection, plus a black box sellier kelly.

    Gorgeous collection, whitebirkin!!
  13. Whitebirkin, may I ask how often do you use the toile birkin? Is maintenance really high for that?

  14. Yup Queenie, I thought of you when I saw this :graucho:.
  15. OH.Mon.DIEU.