My 2013 spring/summer sale haul

chency Posted By chency Posted Jul 11, 2013

  1. I just want to share my sale haul this season... Normally I never get anything good but was extremely lucky this season!!! 😍

    Everything at first cut... But no luck on Chanel shoes this sale!

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  2. What beautiful pieces! All on sale too. Doesn't get any better :smile:
  3. Correction on the twisted bag... Got that on second cut!
  4. Congratulations!! Beautiful purchases!!
  5. Wow, congratulations - you did well!!
  6. OMG, that is a major haul!! Congratulations!!!:flowers:
  7. 😁😁😁 than you!!
  8. Wow, you got some amazing pieces on sale! Congratulations on great finds!!! :smile:
  9. Gorgeous haul, Congrats on it all and enjoy:smile:
  10. Wonderful sale haul!!! Congrats. My fav. is the white flap. It looks like a classic mini. ;)
  11. Everything are gorgeous. What a lucky girl!!! I really like the white one, may I ask what is the markdown price? Thank you.
  12. Hi there, the mark down price for the white bag is $2030...
  13. These are all such beautiful pieces! The first bag and the bracelets are particularly amazing :love: Congrats!