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Sharmilla Quari Posted By Sharmilla Quari Posted Apr 14, 2010

  1. Bahh... DH ended up saying the artsy in orage is gorgeous so he got that... And he won't let me open it until tomorrow. So I won't get it until tomorrow!!!!!!!! Evil..... :rolleyes:
  2. oooh can't wait to see the orage.
  3. PurseDoggie - the tote looks amazing & seems practical however I could never see myself wearing it crossbody or even on my shoulder with the long strap & to be honest the bag just doesn't sit right cross body unless you have it filled right up (I never would). Which to me just made it a hand held bag! The straps would fit over my shoulders but the bag comes right up under your arm & it sticks out so far from front to back when worn like this. Hope this helps! But honestly I think it's a stunning bag but just not for me!
  4. Ahh I see!! He did send me a photo of the infini. I told him orage would look much nicer and I won't settle Lol. Thank you for telling me all that. It really makes a lot of sense. :smile:
  5. Just saw your DH got you the Artsy! I got the Artsy instead of the tote too. Congrats hope you like it!
  6. Here is the photo of Infini with neige inspiree in the background. I will do a reveal when I finally get to open it later. :smile:
  7. Thanks! :smile: I am sure I will. Saw the artsy in ombre almost a month ago. Can't believe how soft the handle was. :heart:
  8. thanks to chinchin_lim, dlynn, and itsonly4me for answering my question about color transfer on the cream Artsy -- I got it today -- what a beauty!!!

  9. Oh, sorry I have not seen the tote IRL yet. From the pics I have seen it just wasnt the shape/size I was hoping it would be. Maybe I am wrong and will change my mind when I see it.

    I am still craving something in red from this line so I am still keeping my fingers crossed.

  10. Yay!! :yahoo:Lets see some pics! :graucho:
  11. Tell me which white bag do you have that holds up the best?
  12. I love white bags too!! In your opinion, which white bag do you have holds up the best? What kind of leather does it have? I would LOVE to know! ;) thanks!
  13. I got the Orage Artsy! I am so happy! I could not get the color in person. So I took it in all different lighting to show how different the shades are. Woot! Enjoy the pictures.




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  14. Congrats in advance...the orage is gorgeous. I love that color but I think I have a tad too many blue stuff :p

  15. Kate...Love love your pics...Congrats again :p