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MK Online retailers in Europe?

Julija Posted By Julija Posted Oct 5, 2011

  1. Hello everyone,
    I'm new to MK forum but after checking out all your gorgeous reveals (especially Hamilton ones:graucho:) I feel the need to get a Hamilton myself. Unfortunaly it isn't so easy when living in Europe. I have one local store that carry MK bags but their stock is quite poor:-s although in the past I got from them MK Pasadena and gansevoort bags :smile:
    So maybe someone fellow european can advice online retailers that carry MK? I know two: NAP and House of Fraser. Are there more?
  2. There is not a single reply :shrugs: are there really no MK online retailers in Europe?
  3. Yes, there are plenty :smile: You can try the Outnet, Yoox, Harrods, Flannelsfashion, Stylebop and MyWardrobe.