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MJ Studded Mouse Flats

Brooke0502 Posted By Brooke0502 Posted Jun 6, 2012

  1. :sad: dang it I see that I could hunt down the number and see wouldn't that be awesome! I'm not sure I'm so lucky though :p
  2. And your blush color is ahhhmazing!!
  3. Thank you :smile:
  4. they are really cute in blush! I have them in grey. I wanted them in black at first.
  5. I'd like the black!
  6. Ohhh so cute! I wanted the black with gold studs too. Are they on sale anywhere?
  7. Not sure I'd love to find some!
  8. Sorry to intrude.. Are these mouse flats true to size or do they run a size smaller? Thanks for any advice x
  9. Cute!! I have the gold glitter one and black leather one! I always get compliments on them!!