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MJ large quilted "deluxe" zip wallet

lesbelleschoses Posted By lesbelleschoses Posted Apr 15, 2012

  1. Hello the lovely TPFers!

    I just purchased a large MJ quilted zip wallet in black from Bluefly at a pretty good price. I couldn't find reviews on this wallet, so I thought I'd start a thread :smile: Those of you that own this wallet, what are your thoughts? Is it too big? Is the leather durable? I've been using a saffiano leather wallet for the past 5 years and found it super sturdy and quite indestructible. I'm not the type that switch wallets so I'll definitely need one that's strong enough to last at least a few years without showing too much wear and tear. Would you say this particular wallet will fit the bill?

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  2. That's actually the Large Zip Wallet (commonly referred to as the LZW, not to be confused with the Long Zip Wallet - similar style, but a little longer!:p)
    There are several threads about this wallet - since it was introduced back in 2009, its become quite popular, beating out the classic Zip Clutch as the "wallet of choice" among MJ fans!
  3. I bought that wallet last year from Nordstrom and I am very happy with it. The leather is gorgeous and durable. I did stop using it because it was just a bit too big for when I wanted to use a small messenger on the weekend. However, I am always ready to get it out and use when I am using a big bag or a stylish clutch for the evening :biggrin:
  4. Thanks for your inputs! Much appreciated :smile:
  5. i have one that is a stardust python embossed and it's lovely. congrats and enjoy!