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Bratty1919 Posted By Bratty1919 Posted Jan 2, 2013

  1. DH and I will be graduating the end of this year ( :happydance::woohoo:) . I am planning to start my Miu Miu collection in earnest. Which Miu Miu purses are classics? TIA!
  2. First Congrats!!!!
    Two classics are the coffer and the bow bag IMO.
  3. Yes- I am definitely planning to get a coffer. I like the matelasse lux best so far...
  4. a question: is miu miu matelasse leather is soft like balenciaga's?
  5. I agree :biggrin: The coffer bag and the bow bag are definitely classics. I'd however recommend the lambskin coffer. I think the shape is better there and the leather is so soft. Matelassé lux looks a bit "stiff" in coffers but might of course get softer when used..
  6. Yes- now that you mention it, I had a lambskin coffer in a denim color once. I made the mistake of selling it :sad:. The smell was heavenly!
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  8. This is the Madras line, correct?
  9. i believe so...
  10. Sooooo pretty!