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twiggers Posted By twiggers Posted Aug 18, 2006

  1. I'd love to see LV pieces that men own (mostly to get ideas for something to convince my hubby to buy!).
    So post away gents (and ladies...anything you've bought your SO):smile:
  2. well, technically this is a man's piece, even though i own it...

    Damier Geant Messager...

  3. Here's mine...Runway style.....:p

  4. ok, because my boyfriend isn't part of this forum, i'm to show what he has:

    Taiga Viktor
    Taiga Bookfold Wallet with 9 credit card slots
    Taiga 6-key holder



    i'll see if he'll ever agree to me taking a photo of him carrying the bag :graucho:
  5. palladium tie clip and silk tie:


    more to come...... :jammin:
  6. I was wondering when the Duck would arrive...:lol:
  7. This must be a Gentlemen's Club! :graucho:
  8. Most of my dad's pieces are from the monogram line..but he has:
    *Monogram billfold
    *Taiga billfold (I forget the exact color name but it's the black one)
    *Monogram 4-key holder
    *Monogram credit card holder

    and my mom had gotten him the Abssess messenger but it ended up being too small for his work things..so back it went.
  9. here's Larry:


    one of my top faves :love:
  10. i'm in this too! woot! not as impressive as a collection as deluxeduck, but it'll do for me. haha.


    the only thing not pictured is the damier pocket agenda.
  11. my LV belts:
    "Jeans" belt, Inventeur Utah belt and LST Glace belt.
  12. I'm In!

    Attached Files:

  13. [​IMG]



    Sorry for the bad quality!

    Keepall 55, White Suhali Cles, Vachetta Fortune Keychain, and a Grizzli Taiga Cassiar backpack.
  14. oh i heart the suhali cles!!
  15. Thank you! I like the contrast of it on the Keepall.