Melrose Cabas & Flap Owner..please help me outtt

  1. I need help deciding which one should I take.. I just bought Jumbo Black Classic Caviar 3 weeks ago..FYI, its my first Chanel and I'm getting addicted...So, I'm thinking about get the Melrose line but still confused which one.

    Question for Cabas owners:
    1. How the bag look like when you put so many thing inside? FYI, I got so many stuff (2 cell phones, 2 wallets, 1 medium purse for cosmetics, 1 small purse for medicine and keys) Since the bag is slouchy I mean the material is not as hard as the baby coco cabas, is it deform when its heavy?

    2. I live in tropical climate country, is the material will get sticky in my skin?

    Thanksssssss a bunnnncccchhhh