Meet Miss Maia-Annabel....and prepare to *squeeee*!

clevercat Posted By clevercat Posted Jul 25, 2011

  1. Sending him a big {{{hug}}}
  2. ^^ GAH! Those are the cutest faces EVER! You must be beyond excited!
  3. So sweet!
  4. Double trouble! They are adorable.
  5. the faces are adorable but teh tiny paws get me! soooo cute!
  6. Oh my, she is the spitting image of Missy isn't she?
  7. Right down to the way she snuggled into me, all blue eyes and teeny-tiny paws.....and then gave me a sharp nip before wriggling free to join Solly under a cushion :p
  8. So cute!
  9. Oh they are adorable!
  10. :lolots:

    Is that the Murph?
  11. It is indeed - he does love to sprawl belly-up in the most inconvenient places.....