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kenzibray Posted By kenzibray Posted Aug 14, 2013

  1. Has anyone tried them yet? What's the verdict?

    My first arrived today. Love the color - Ultraviolet. Well see how the wear goes ;)

    Will post pictures tomorrow !
  2. I haven't seen them in person yet... but the bottles look so cool in the photos I've seen! Interested to hear your take and find out if they're worth the price.
  3. I haven't seen them in person yet either. I hope to check them out tomorrow.
  4. So far I like the formula. The color is really pretty and vibrant for the one I got. The bottles are funky but the cap comes off like other polishes so it has a regular applicator. They come in a box too.

    I smudged one nail and I gave in and went to bed. I'm going to fix it tomorrow and will take pictures then ;)

    If I remember correctly Sephora has double points this week so I may order another !
  5. Here's my pre-cleanup picture of ultraviolet

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  6. I checked them out today. The only color I wanted(petra) was out of stock at the store, I guess it's a good thing for my pocketbook lol. The formula was thick it seemed like you could get by on only one coat.
  7. I love the packaging - must go check out all the colors!
  8. Petra is really pretty!!!! I might have to get it next !
  9. What's the brush like? Could someone post a picture?
  10. I ordered my 2nd today -Petra but those blog posts are making me want more!! It's so hard to judge the colors from the website.
  11. The colors look amazing! Can't wait to see more pics!