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Made in Chelsea Milly, Caggy etc style thread

birkinkellylove Posted By birkinkellylove Posted Apr 9, 2012

  1. How interesting, it is certainly stunning.

    I agree to about Gabby .... why is she still on the show??? (confused).
  2. I just don't see the attraction in her choice of man at all. She looks good though.
  3. He is different from Hugo! I have just bought the same jacket she is wearing from Zara.
  4. What a brilliant show this is! I adore Mark Francis!
  5. S P O I L E R

    Just read that in tonights episode Ollie declares hes looking out for a male partner!
  6. A couple of pics from tonight's episode, S3 Ep 5.

    I just do not like a man with long hair - I cannot get over this "style".

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  7. Well she seems to be super tall!
  8. Me too and especially his laugh!
  9. He does have a bizarre laugh doesn't he! Incredibly posh :biggrin:
  10. I love Millie's wedges in the Mayfair pictures, are they Louboutin and does anyone know where to get a similar pair?