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Made in Chelsea Milly, Caggy etc style thread

birkinkellylove Posted By birkinkellylove Posted Apr 9, 2012

  1. I'm still not convinced about these two to be honest. I have her down as "way too good for him". Perhaps time will prove me wrong.
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  3. Amber at a David Guetta gig at Location House's Old Sorting Office in London last night.

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  4. Thanks for posting. Mille is so pretty I think, most things look good on her.
  5. Millie looks fab for Lipsy! She's such a gorgeous girl!
  6. I agree, she is beautiful. Loving all the recent pics of her.
  7. She's not really my cup of tea. I think it's that she only has one facial expression.

    Even on the show!
  8. Cheska looks good and happy! I finally like her hair, too! :p
  9. Chesky looking great, Jamie is such a sweetie :smile:
  10. All looking good but Cheska looks particularly stylish (I don't generally care for her style). By the way she recently commented that she was "delighted" that Natalie will not feature in the next series.